Portland Ice Storm 2005!

by Hydro on January 17, 2005    |    2 Comments »

Portland pretty much slid to a stop on Saturday after waking up to an ice storm. Even though I had seen it predicted in the paper and on the news a couple of days in advance, enough people decided it was still a good idea to head out onto the roads. Consequently, there were something like 300 accidents.

For me it was a good chance to do not much at all. Just getting down the front stairs was an adventure as they were covered with about an inch of ice. And once you hit the sidewalk, it was like a skating rink. And forget driving. The BootBus is cold at the best of times, but when there’s a layer of ice on the windshield, it’s best to leave it looking so pretty.

Instead, BnA intern LiveNomadic and I celebrated the final weekend of his internship with a fry-up breakfast and some play-off football on the telly.

Sunday was more of the same. No more storms, but the ice was taking its time to melt and the stairs were still icy, as evidenced by LiveNomadic‘s spill, which was by all accounts very acrobatic… if only he could have nailed the landing.

More icy pix from my phone camera:

Deals on ice

BootBus icicles

More icicles


January 18, 2005

Now that breakfast looked very good, very good indeed. I’m open to an invitation any time, Chris!!

Neat having to stay in on Saturday. I went out in my compact, and was thankful not too many ventured out. I had all the room to slip and slide if I had to.

January 21, 2005

Cool pictures! Man Portland was cold enough when I was there.

I think that bottle of Tabasco was resident in 12th Ave Eugene.


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