Saving Money in the Most Expensive Places

by Katie Hammel on August 3, 2011    |    Add a Comment »

Many travelers – particularly those among us who want to travel as much as possible on the smallest budget – know that by sticking to cheaper countries to visit so we can stretch our travel budgets further. We also know that, while there are money saving tips and tricks that can help lower the cost of traveling in any country (couchsurfing, eating at markets, renting an apartment), some countries are just more costly than others.

But what if you’re dreaming of one of these uber-expensive countries? There’s no need to cross that country off your list of resign yourself to waiting to visit until you’ve won the lottery. While it won’t be easy and it will still be expensive, there are ways to decrease the cost of visiting the world’s most expensive countries.

On BootsnAll, we’ve rounded up some of these notoriously expensive countries – like Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland – and offered up real tips you can use to save money. From how to find a cheap hotel in Singapore to how to get around cheaply in Japan, these ideas will help you make the most of your budget when visiting these pricey places. They still might not be categorized as cheap destinations, but sometimes the experience is worth a little more expense.

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