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10 Wicked Deals

This month we decided to list our Top 10 deals. Below is a breakdown of the best travel deals and products on BootsnAll Travel Network.

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10. San Francisco – Bangkok – San Francisco
A quick trip to Thailand this time of year would be a great way to start the summer make all your friends jealous.
From $725

09. Crete Hike and Kayak – 8 days
You thought America was the center of the world? Trying going to the real Cradle of Western Civilization. This isn’t your grandma’s tour.
For $950

08. Boston – Prague – Boston
You haven’t been to Prague yet? Pity you!
From $821

07. Travel Around the World
Check on prices for round-the-world tickets.
From $1295

06. Learn to Teach English in France
Teach the grumpy French how to say Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast!
From $1490

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05. Train Travel in Europe
Go anywhere in 18 European countries for 10 days within 2 months. Start one day in Spain, end up in Finland or in Greece – your choice!
From $608

04. Burton Day Hiker Backpack
In every situation, the Burton Day Hiker is the final word in pack versatility.
From $59.95

03. Inca Discovery
Pretend you are Indiana Jones and spend one week retracing steps of the Inca civilization.
From $799

02. Cheap Flights
New York – London. This flight is less than a car payment.
From $252

01. London Hostels
$17 for a bed in London! Yes – you can find them. Sure it’s sharing a dorm room with others, but that saves you money for feeding the pigeons in Trafalgar Square.
From $17

Next month, we will continue with our best travel stories. If you still need your monthly dose, you can check out our last 50 travel stories.

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