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3 Things I Didn’t Know About RTW Tickets

santorini-greeceThis week, we’re focusing on round the world travel across the BootsnAll Travel Network. After finishing my RTW last year — sans an RTW ticket — I’ve learned a few things about around the world tickets.

  1. Not all RTW tickets require you to travel in one direction. One of my biggest concerns about buying an RTW ticket for my trip around the world, was the restriction that doesn’t let you backtrack. So I was surprised to learn from this month’s RTW Newsletter (are you signed up?) that BootsnAll offers a ticket that lets you zig (or zag) your way around the globe.
  2. RTW tickets aren’t last minute deals. I’m all about finding last minute deals when I travel. Part of the fun of traveling around the world is finding yourself wandering the streets of Istanbul one morning and after musing that Greece sounds fun, you’ve hopped over to Santorini by the next afternoon. RTW Tickets however, take a lot more planning (for the ticket providers), so to get the best price you should buy at least a month in advance. The good news — you can leave the last minute deal finding fun for overland and regional jaunts between the bigger and more expensive hubs.
  3. You don’t have to visit every city. If you find a ticket that includes major hubs and then change your mind and decide to go overland part of the way, you can usually just skip cities… more good news for last minute planners!

So if I could do it again, what RTW ticket would I buy? I think I would go with a west coast > Singapore > overland around SE Asia > Beijing > Tokyo > back to the west coast ticket. I like this itinerary because it takes care of the expensive jumps to Singapore, China, and Japan, while still offering lots of flexibility for overland travel and regional cheap flights on JetStar (also cheap from SE Asia to Australia).

Where would you go? Check out the January RTW ticket deals for inspiration!