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4 New Travelogues – Check em Out!

readinglist1.jpgThis is perhaps one of our biggest announcements of the year. Everybody please read on!

As many of you know, BootsnAll Travel Network is always thinking of new ways to share travel information with independent travelers, ways that will help make traveling easier. Since there are many unique ways to experience the world, we have launched a series of new travelogues dedicated to different styles of travel.

Here are just a few of our new travelogues:

Do you consider yourself a green eco traveler? Read Eco Travel Logue.

Are you someone that’s headed on a desert adventure across Morocco? Read Adventure Logue.

Dreaming of teaching English while traveling the world for free? Read TEFL Logue.

Spend 99 percent of the time traveling for business and 1 percent traveling for pleasure? Follow our Business Travel Logue.

As you can tell, we have something for just about everybody. Watch out soon for more of our destination travelogues in the next few weeks.