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A Look Back at 2008

Happy New Year!It’s the time of the year when, coupled with the excitement for the new year ahead, thoughts tend to stray backwards to the year past. Just about every sports show on TV will have a montage of the year’s best highlights set to a rockin’ soundtrack. News programmes will recap the major stories, no doubt focussing on the slightly historic election in the US you may have heard about and the recent downturn in world markets.

At BootsnAll, we’re not above such nostalgic musings so here’s a wrap up of the highlights of 2008 according to us…

New on BootsnAll

We launched several new sections on BootsnAll in 2008 and we’re pretty excited about how they’ll do in 2009.

Updated on BootsnAll

Several parts of BootsnAll received facelifts or major design/function overhauls in 2008.

BootsnAll Travels

Being a travel company you’d hope that we manage to make it out of the office on occasion. In 2008 we did quite well in that regard. Some of the highlights include:

  • A road trip to Phoenix for two weeks to escape the Portland gray
  • My trip to Australia for a month
  • BnA writer Roger went to Europe for a month, including Amsterdam
  • BnA writer Jessie went to Italy for a month
  • BnA adventure specialist Peter Baxter will be summiting Mt Kilimanjaro on New Year’s Eve

Other 2008 Highlights

* We launched a $500 airfare contest that’s super easy to enter.

* In sports, Euro 2008 & the Olympics in China were the major events that captured our imagination.

* Sean was able to grab an interview with Tony Wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet.

* Twitter exploded and it’s been very interesting to see the different ways it is being used in the travel industry.

* Our annual BootsnAll holiday party was a bit special this year as we celebrated our 10th year. Over 500 people made it a fantastic night. Photos of all the fun here.

* And if you were wondering what stories travelers were most interested in this year, check out the 15 of the most-read articles on BootsnAll.

No doubt there were many other highlights in 2008 that I’m forgetting. Sometimes it’s hard to remember all the way back to the beginning of the year. Either way, it was a fantastic year at BootsnAll and I’m fired up and ready for 2009!