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Announcing the BootsnAll Travel Writers Platform

writerplatformOne of the things that tends to happen when I talk to people about my job at BootsnAll is the, “Oh, you’re so lucky!” moment. I do consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to write about travel every day – to do something I love so much that work doesn’t feel like work. It’s the kind of feeling I wish everyone could have, pursuing their passion and being rewarded for it.

Well, now BootsnAll is going to help more travel writers have that very same feeling.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the BootsnAll Travel Writer Platform, a partnership with travel writers who are passionate and excited about sharing their expertise. This is an opportunity for you to turn your passion into a regular paying gig, and to work with a company that will help spread the word about how great you are. We dream of someday having a website dedicated to every destination and travel style there is, and having an army of travel experts who are ready and willing to answer any and all questions the traveling public sends our way.

Sound good to you? Wanna be part of our army?

There is work involved here, don’t get me wrong – and we’re looking for people who will make a commitment to us to make these sites successful. BootsnAll will also be making an investment of both time and money in the sites themselves and the writers we’ll be working with. What kind of investment, you ask? It will differ somewhat depending on the site, but the base monthly pay will be in the $100-500 range with a profit sharing system that will give the writer 30-40% of the site’s profits.

We think the program is unique in the travel world, and we’re happy to finally be able to unveil it to the world after months of planning. But for me personally, the launch of this program is really special. When I started writing BootsnAll’s Italy travel guide back in 2007, it was on my own time and just because I loved it. That weekend hobby has turned into part of my job, and the site is also a major part of what helped me get the required paperwork to eventually move to Italy.

Now, I’m not saying every single writer who becomes part of the BootsnAll Travel Writers Platform will end up moving to another country (unless you want to, of course), but I’m personally gratified to know that the next time someone says, “Oh, you’re so lucky!” when I tell them what I do, at least now I can tell them they could be that lucky, too.

Want to learn more? Want to apply? Read the details about the BootsnAll Travel Writers Platform and apply by March 15, 2010.