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Armchair Traveling

Traveling can be a frustrating hobby sometimes. For most us, there just isn’t enough money, time, or freedom or take all the trips we’d like. What’s a traveler to do, with big dreams and a small bank balance? Live vicariously, of course. The next best thing to traveling is to watch or read about others having fantastic adventures in exotic locales.

The BootsnAll boards have a whole section devoted to Travel-related books, music & movies. My favorite thread asks about the book that made you want to travel…

Jaunted covers each episode of the best travel show on television (in my opinion…), the Amazing Race with maps and snarky commentary.

Gadling also recaps the Amazing Race with travel tips learned from the latest episode. Like that Brazil has crappy taxis, beautiful beaches and travel lessons worth learning.

On the big screen, there are travel-related movies for all tastes and destinations. Here’s our take on 8 movies that inspire travel.

Do you have a favorite travel movie, book, or TV show?