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Behind the Scenes on TheOffside

The entry below lists 5 new sites that we are getting the word out on…I wanted to focus on one of them today and just share a bit of the how, why, and why should you care?

Many folks know, that about 5 peeps from BnA went over to Germany this summer for the World Cup to produce the World Cup Blog. We worked out little booties off and ended up having a good time as well as making site that was “best in class” for sure. We searched far and wide, and no one did anything near what we did (not including Yahoo and the big dudes) – in the blogging space – we were it…this was not us saying this mind you, it was just the results. Over 3 million folks visited the site in about 4 weeks or so…this was a lot of traffic for our little site and we learned a lot about what it take to be the best or make something that people care about.

This leads me to TheOffside. We had so much fun working with Bob on World Cup and he kicks so much arse in his writing, that we had to give it a shot to keep it going…so over a coffee in Hackescher Markt in Berlin, we committed to trying to replicate world cup blog, but for a general soccer/football focus versus the once every 4 years tournament.

After Bob had some much needed rest he started quietly blogging on theoffside on August 1st and he is cracking us up as usual. Here are some highlights:

Rioting Fans in Brazil set fire to toilets

Ball Boy scores a goal?

Reunion of Zidane and Materazzi

Other Highlights and upcoming features to get Footie Fans jacked

Bob also does a Daily Dose of the best links/stories around the web on world soccer. A daily read of a few minutes will keep you up to date with what’s up. (RSS for this Daily Dose as well)

Soccer Tag Engine – this was super popular on World Cup Blog – just an easy way to find content about stuff that you care about. Cuz hey, you don’t care about every team and every player…do you?

Team Blogs
Arsenal is our 1st one. More are coming soon so more passionate fans can share, cheer, and jeer with each other.

So check it out, subscribe to the RSS feed, and have a laugh. Even if you are not much of a soccer/football fan, I think you will like Bob’s style. Injoy!