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Best of the Boards for the week of January 29, 2007

Check out the topics currently being discussed on the BootsnAll Travel Forums:

  • Complete this sentence: “If I never went RTW, I…” Quimby has posed the question, and provided a few answers already. They’re great, including, “If I never went RTW, I wouldn’t check for creepy crawlies in my boots every time I put them on.” So, how would you complete that sentence?
  • Mono loco is back from 2.5 years of traveling the world, and is offering his assistance to anyone who’s interested. He was traveling for 2.5 years without working, too, so the main question so far is, “How did you save all that money before you left?”
  • Most people – and certainly most frequent travelers – have an opinion on this: Where do you like to sit on an airplane? And further, what does said preference say about you?
  • So, you tell your friend you’d really like to go to Pisa. He tells you it’s not worth it. Where does that leave you? Rawjer asks, “Can you skip an attraction just because some say it’s overrated?
  • Those of you who are lucky enough to have traveled for long periods of time may find it a bit depressing to come home, get a job, and then only take two-three week trips. Cherie’s feeling this way, and wonders if anyone else has gone through something similar. If so, how did you cope?
  • Are you one of those people who takes pictures of the toilets you encounter around the world? If so, don’t be shy – you’re not alone. Post your bathroom pictures here!

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