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Best of the Boards for the week of November 13, 2006

Check out these topics currently being discussed on the BootsnAll Travel Forums:

  • It’s the age-old quest (at least around BootsnAll) for the perfect boot. It is, in fact, one of the reasons BootsnAll was founded! Phillipao is trying to make his decision now, and his concern is that he’d like to go dancing – and can’t imagine doing it in hiking boots. Please pass along your sage footwear advice.
  • Elis wants to know if anyone else feels the way she does – that she’s not really “from” any one place. And if you feel the same way, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Are you more independent? Better with languages? Friends with people all over the world? Do you end up with a place that doesn’t feel like “home”? Have trouble saying goodbye? Crave a sense of roots? Come share your experiences.
  • Travel can be eye-opening – can it also change your life? GingerSpesh wants to know if anyone experienced a significant change in life direction as a result of travel.
  • GingerSpesh posted another great question, for those of us who are into long-term travel – far from home – how do you cope with leaving loved ones behind?

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