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BnA Travel Deals Featured in This Just In

If you’ve been following BootBlog, you know that we launched our new Travel Deals search to the public a few weeks ago. Since then, we’ve made some improvements and added lots of new deals from across the net. The good people over at Budget Travel’s This Just In noticed all our hard work and just posted an interview about what makes our Travel Deals search so awesome:

Why should a traveler go to the new BootsnAll search engine instead of, say, or another meta-search site?

The search engine mixes deal reviews by editorial experts and deals posted directly by airlines, metasearch engines like Kayak, and tour operators. Places like Kayak focus date-specific searches. Kayak is an awesome resource, and we link to them all the time. But our deals engine is just that. Deals.

Another reason to come, is that shortly, we’ll be adding RSS and email of specific searches to the deal engine. For example, if you are going to Maui in the next 6 months, you could search on Maui deals at and subscribe via RSS or email to the updates of that search. All the deals that pop up in the coming weeks will be delivered in your RSS reader, such as My Yahoo or Bloglines, or your e-mail in-box. Easy Peasy.

Read the whole thing over at This Just in: A new travel search engine debuts for independent travelers