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Boot Baby #2 is Here

thatcherNewsflash – the BootsnAll crew is growing up, getting married and (gasp!) having children!

Most of you know that Bali Blogger Nick got married a few years ago and is now the proud father to Jevon, otherwise known as Boot Baby #1. He’s an adorable kid who’s lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you look at things) to have a dad who snaps his picture often and posts his smiling mug online for all of us to enjoy.

Well, we’re proud to announce a new member of the family! Adventure trip expert Donovan and his wife became parents last weekend to a bouncing baby boy! I think we should start making kid-sized T-shirts and onesies that say “Boot Baby” on them, don’t you? I haven’t met the little guy yet, and I have no doubt he won’t be slowing Donovan and his wife down at all in their travel ambitions. He’d better get used to carrying his own pack, and pronto. As one RTW tripper put it, “It began with this question, ‘Before we have kids and get tied down, what would be our biggest dream to fulfill?’ Today we ask, ‘How small do they make backpacks, and how much weight can a child carry?'”

Anyway, our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes (for a full night’s sleep!) go out to the new family, and we thought you’d want to know, too.

UPDATE: Just in, photo of the new baby, with proud daddy Donovan, upper left.