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BootsnAll Hates Twitter

TwitdiculousYes, we know, Twitter is all the rage. The creators of the insidious micro-blogging tool have wormed their way into the hearts of millions and even gotten highly-regarded news icons like Anderson Cooper and Geraldo Rivera to take the bait. We’re all using the ridiculous language of Twitter and see nothing wrong with saying, “Did you see what I tweeted yesterday?” Come on, people, where’s your dignity?

To make matters worse, tech-savvy travelers have used Twitter to plan a “twittrip” to Paris and even “twitchhike” from England to New Zealand, so we felt compelled to join in. We told you about our favorite travel companies and travel writers on Twitter, and set up a Twitter account for nearly everyone on staff. More travelers are getting on Twitter every day, making it more difficult to get any actual work done around here. We’ve each taken shifts to pay attention to the Twittersphere 24/7 for months, lest we miss out on something important, but people are finally starting to collapse from sheer exhaustion.

So that’s it. We’re officially declaring, on April 1, 2009, that we can’t keep up with Twitter.

We know everyone’s doing it. We know it’s on the verge of becoming something even your grandmother gets into. We know there are even people who love it so much they’re walking around with tattoos of the Fail Whale. But we’re jumping ship.

We’ll admit it – we just don’t Twitterstand.