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BootsnAll is Here for You, Budget Travelers

We’re beginning to hear on the news that the economy is starting to recover (or at least it’s less bad than it was), but most people I know haven’t felt any improvements yet. There are still plenty of people who are unemployed or underemployed, and – as it impacts BootsnAll – many who are postponing or cutting back on travel plans. If things are getting better, that’s good news, indeed. That improvement will likely just take awhile to trickle down to those of us on the ground.

Having said that, there are still people making travel plans, which is always good to hear. We hope you’re one of them, and we hope we can help.

There have always been budget-conscious travelers, even in boom times, and the current economic climate has made more people see the benefits of cheap travel. Over the 10+ years that BootsnAll has been around, our “typical customer” (if there is such a thing) is more of a budget traveler, so we feel well-equipped to respond to the needs of those bargain hunters. In fact, we’re happy to welcome new folks to the family.

Those of you who’ve been part of the gang for awhile may already know about everything BootsnAll offers to the budget traveler, but you might not. And since I’m still finding out about new stuff we do even after nearly four years as an employee, I thought it was worth mentioning some of the many tools we have on hand to help you plan your travels and save money in the process.

At BootsnAll we pride ourselves on having lots of methods to get a better deal on international airfare, both because we work with consolidators who offer incredible deals and also because we create tools to save you time when you’re doing trip research. We are budget travelers ourselves, not to mention relatively lazy ones, so the easier we can make the research process the better we think it is.

Not everyone’s in the market for a long-term trip, but if you are we have a long history of providing all the tools long-term travelers need – from booking an around the world plane ticket to budgeting for a RTW trip to getting travel insurance to researching hostels to making sure you’ve got the right travel gear to starting up a RTW travel blog. The BootsnAll Round the World Travel Guide is really a one-stop-shop for aspiring vagabond travelers. And, of course, many of those tools are useful even if you’re only going to be traveling for a couple weeks or over a long weekend.

What happens when a budget backpacker gets a full-time job and starts a family? Well, some may travel less, and others may just travel differently. For those who have more limited time but still aren’t ready for the big-bus tours or cruises, BootsnAll offers adventure tours where all the planning is done for you – but the experience is still more like the budget travel one you’ve always loved.

The tools I’ve mentioned so far are things we’ve had under the BootsnAll umbrella for a long time now, so here’s a newer one I’ll introduce you to. Our hostel blog has some information about specific hostels in some of the more popular hostelling cities around the world, but it’s also got some more recent articles that have handy information in them for people who might be newcomers to hostels or have questions about them.

I’ve thrown a bunch of links out there for you, so I’m going to stop now lest I overwhelm you… But believe me when I say I’m still just barely scratching the surface of what BootsnAll does. If it has to do with travel, we can help. And since much of what we do involves saving you money when you travel, we’re especially glad to help right now.