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BootsnAll is looking for freelance writers for several feature programs

trekstopwritingIt seems to be getting more and more difficult to make any money as a travel writer these days, so we are proud to highlight some of the opportunities we have in place to help. We’ve been publishing volunteer “Traveler Articles” for many years now, and that program is still in place and going strong, but recently we’ve also added two new paying programs, so we’ll summarize all three of these here for those new to our site.

BootsnAll Feature Articles

Pay: $50 per published article

We are currently publishing one new feature article every weekday, and these appear on our homepage as well as our new BootsnAll Today page. If you’ve been following us for any length of time you probably know that we use our fair share of “list articles,” and while we all complain about the format, they continue to do quite well. That said, there’s nothing we’d love more than submissions that could potentially appeal to a wide travel audience that are in some other format, so stop complaining about all the lists, and submit your best non-list ideas!

The requirement is that your article should potentially appeal to a wide audience, rather than just those interested in going to a particular destination. They also need to be visually appealing, so we need to be able to use photos throughout in order to help tell the story in the text. We are also interested in new and creative list articles as well as what we call Photo Features where the collection of images itself is the star of the show. There are unlimited ways of being creative, even with lists, so pitch us your best ideas and we’ll tell you what we think.

>>more information on BootsnAll Feature Articles

BootsnAll Expert Travel Articles

Pay: $30 per published article

This is our newest paid program, and it’s all about giving great “expert” advice on a subject you know well. These need to be at least 1,200 words long, but they don’t need to be loaded with photos so if you know the subject well they don’t usually take terribly long to write.

Specifically, our Expert Articles need to be about something that other travelers are already researching. We will include these articles in our Traveler’s Toolkit, so the audience will have a chance to find them over time. You can see examples of our Expert Travel Articles, so you’ll have a better idea what we are looking for, but if you have an idea that might not match closely, submit it anyway. We appreciate creativity on these, so don’t hold back. If you know a particular aspect of travel very well, chances are your knowledge will really help others out there. We can’t use topics that are widely covered elsewhere (like tips on packing light, for example), but we are open to hearing any ideas.

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BootsnAll Traveler Articles

Pay: $0

This is our long-running traditional articles program, and it’s actually a great first-step for many aspiring travel writers. It’s true that we don’t pay for these, but quite a few people do read each and every one, and plenty of writers have started with these and then later moved on to paid articles and even full-time travel writing jobs.

It’s easy to be cynical when someone asks you to work for free, but we honestly do get a steady stream of good quality submissions in this program, and if you are thinking about making money with this then this program gives you exposure plus a much better sense of what works and what doesn’t when telling travel tales.

As long as your story is more about traveling than politics or religion or trying to sell something, then we accept everything from short and funny anecdotes to epic narratives.

>>more information on BootsnAll Traveler Articles

Information on how to submit ideas can be found on the individual program links above. We don’t need a formal query letter, just enough of your idea so we can tell what you have in mind, so getting started with this is easy.

photo by Tranquilo Traveler on Flickr