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BootsnAll Launches Traveler Connect Facebook App

BootsnAll Travel Network is launching a Facebook application to connect travelers.

Portland, Oregon June 21, 2010 — BootsnAll Travel Network has created a Facebook application — BootsnAll Traveler Connect — that helps connect travelers. The app lets you find other travelers going to the same place you are, or connect with locals living there. Users can ask travel questions, arrange to meet for a drink, and create some unique experiences not found in a guidebook.

Sean Keener, CEO of BootsnAll said, “Travel is all about people. Connecting with people that you know, and people you don’t. We have been connecting independent travelers since 1998, so I’m excited that we can use our network of independent travelers and Facebook to connect even more travelers; whether that’s through just exchanging travel tips or making a new friend over a pint.”

What makes the application unique from other travel apps is that it connects you with other travelers — not just your current friends — so you can make new friends on the road.

For additional information, contact Sean Keener or visit to try BootsnAll Traveler Connect.

About BootsnAll Travel Network:
BootsnAll Travel Network, started in 1998, is a community of over 30 online travel guides and resources that connect and encourage independent travel. BootsnAll has over 3.6 million unique visitors per month and 100,000+ community members.

Sean Keener, CEO
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