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BootsnAll TV pilot episode

It’s BootsnAll TV’s pilot episode! Wait, what’s BootsnAll TV? Well it’s one more way for us to maintain being the ultimate resource for the independent traveler and to connect to the BootsnAll travel community. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Ethan Hoyt and I am the producer/co-host for BootsnAll TV, and eye candy for all you ladies out there But seriously, I’ve been put solely in charge of this project so you can direct all your love or hate mail to me at . This is a big step for us here at BootsnAll and for me personally. It’s one more way to bring us closer to our community of booties, and it also means that I now have a boss. Ugh! Oh well, if I have to have one it might as well be Sean Keener, friend and CEO of BootsnAll.

What to expect of this new venture? Our pilot episode explains most of it, but really, it’s still experimental. For now we will try to bring you weekly episodes of BootsnAll TV and our top picks of internet travel related videos. We are also working on a line of videos highlighting our adventure travel. If you haven’t already, check out our Mt. Kilimanjaro video.

Now sit back, relax, hit play, and enjoy BootsnAll TV’s Pilot Episode!