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BootsnAll’s Deschutes Oregon Rafting Trip

rapid1.jpgI am starting to get excited about the BootsnAll river trip. We just had two more people sign up today, so I thought I would create a list of the reasons why you should consider coming.

-Camping outside for 4 nights with great travelers from around the world

-65 miles of whitewater rafting on the beautiful, remote Deschutes River

-100 degree weather and warm water, great for swimming, cliff jumping and body surfing

-Multi-boat waterfights, complete with three water guns on every boat.

-Fun, big, safe, rapids with the names Wildhorse, Oak Springs, Box Car and many more.

-Guides who will make you breakfast and dinner every day. You just sit back and enjoy yourself.

-Hang out with the BootsnAll crew. Dunk any of them in the water

-Fishing, hiking, and exploring other river tribuataries.

-River lore from some of the best guides on the river.

-A taste of the famous rafting Yucca drink.

Need we say more? Contact Donovan (at) BootsnAll (dot) com if you want be part of this trip. More Deschutes Rafting details.