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BootsnAll’s Most Read in September

September was a busy month at BootsnAll. We launched our Travel Deals search. We hosted Rolf Potts’ Virtual Book Tour. We started a contest to win a $500 airfare voucher for writing a hostel review (which you can still enter through March 2009). We made a lot of progress planning our 10th Anniversary Party, including securing awesome guests and amazing prizes.

Oh, and we also published some fantastic travel articles.

Here are our 10 most popular articles this month:

1. Best Selling Beers Around the World
2. Six Ridiculous Restaurants
3. 20 World Geography Facts That might Surprise You
4. 12 Places to See Really Good-Looking Locals
5. 8 Great Flea Markets Destinations
6. Souvenir Shopping on the Road: 12 Tips to Haggle Like a Pro
7. Top 10 Destinations for Independent Travelers in 2008
8. 8 Great Destinations That Are Cheap Once You Get There
9. 5 Travel Diseases You Definitely Want to Avoid
10. Rolf Potts Answers Your Travel Questions