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BootsnAll’s WhyGo Paris Featured in Google’s Super Bowl Ad

On the night before the Super Bowl, several BootsnAll employees went out for dinner and a few drinks at a local pub we love. Some of us made plans to watch the big football game together, but for the most part on Sunday we were scattered around the Portland area watching with family and friends.

Which is why we all had to start calling and text-messaging each other madly after we saw Google’s “Parisian Love Story” ad midway through the second half.

Didja see that? The part where the search for how to “impress a French girl” pops up? And the top search result is a post on BootsnAll’s WhyGo Paris about how to impress a French girl? Yeah, we saw it, too.

And there was much screaming.

According to Google’s blog, the ad has been airing on YouTube for upwards of three months, and they turned it into a Super Bowl ad because it was getting such positive feedback there. But seeing it on the Super Bowl ad today was the first any of us at BootsnAll had heard about it.

So we’re excited and surprised (extremely pleasantly so), and we hope that all those Super Bowl viewers who also want to know how to impress a French girl find exactly what they’re looking for.