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Boston Globe Trade Conference for Free!

BostonGrowing up as a kid I always thought my birthday was a special day. Not just for me, but for everyone. I felt like it was a day you (but especially me) were allowed to do anything you wanted. Reality came crashing down in a 4th grade classroom when my teacher scolded me for acting out, but I figure it was a good run. Nowadays I realise it’s just another day for everyone else but I still perk up when I see events scheduled for that day.

This year it’s the Boston Globe Travel Show and because I want it to be a special day for everyone, I have a coupon that will get you in for half price! Happy birthday from me to you. It runs from Friday, February 19 to Sunday, February 21 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.

UPDATE: This coupon is for the trade conference. To get a coupon for the travel show, go to this post.

The trade conference is open to those in the travel business and will kick off on Friday, February 19th. This is a coupon to get you into the trade conference for free and you must present a “valid travel-related business card” to get in. To get the coupon, go to the website, click “Get Tickets” and enter promo code “EXHIBFREE10”. Or you can simply print this coupon.

If you’re lucky (or just in room 2 at 11:20am) you’ll catch sight of BootsnAll’s Sean Keener presenting on social media.

If you’re heading to Boston for the travel show, or anytime for that matter, check out the latest deals to Boston for flights, hotels and packages.