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Can’t sing? Can’t dance? You can show off your talents as an Adventure Ambassador!

adventureJust because you can’t carry a tune or keep the beat doesn’t mean you don’t have talent. So, your talent is a love of travel and an enthusiasm about new adventures? That’s perfect as far as Fresh Tracks Travel is concerned – they’re looking for Adventure Ambassadors, and they’re willing to pay some people to travel. If you’ve ever fancied yourself the next Samantha Brown or Ian Wright, this could be the break you’ve been waiting for:

The Vancouver, Canada, based independent vacation & adventure travel company is putting out a casting call for adventurous travelers, to become its roving “adventure ambassadors”.

“You can be an adventurer at any age. We are interested in those individuals who are planning to step outside their own comfort zones,” says CEO John Parker, explaining that the company is not just looking for dare-devil younger travelers, but people of all ages who show the ‘Fresh Tracks Spirit’.

The idea is that the company will sponsor a handful of adventurous travelers to do their thing and report as they go – so that the
company’s clients will be entertained and inspired.

Yes, you read that right – if you are chosen as a Fresh Tracks Adventure Ambassador, your trip will be sponsored by Fresh Tracks Travel. That’s the dream – getting paid to travel – so what are you waiting for?

More details about the company can be found here, and about the Adventure Ambassador “casting call” here. And here’s the rest of the press release about it:

Preference will be given to people planning interesting trips in the places where the company currently operates – Canada, Alaska, Australia and New Zealand – and ambassadors need to be prepared to report weekly on their trips.

Describe your adventurous spirit and the trip you plan to take, and you could become one of a few select traveling ambassadors sharing your adventures with the world in stories and pictures. Your adventure doesn’t have to be death-defying, just adventurous, different and interesting to Fresh Tracks clients.

So whether your taste for adventure travel runs from braving Alaskan whitewater with the in-laws to backpacking in the Arctic, Fresh Tracks wants to hear about it. Write in about why you love to travel off the beaten path, your taste for adventure, and the trip you’re planning, and you could become an adventure ambassador. Learn more and apply today.

If you’re still reading this and haven’t yet applied, you’re crazy.