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Capt Steve: BootsnAll Holiday Party 2008 Member Interview

We wanted to highlight some of the awesome BootsnAll members that will be in attendance at this year’s BootsnAll 10th Anniversary Party.

BootsnAll Screen Name: Capt Steve
Member since: May 25th, 2004
Post Count: 2860

What was your first passport stamp?
Probably Mexico – I can’t recall.

How did you find BootsnAll, &/or what attracted you to it?
Via a web search for “where can I go to drink spiked apple cider each December.”

What keeps you coming back to BootsnAll?
Joe E’s sushi shirts!

How many miles will you be travelling to be at the BootsnAll Party?
2343.1 statute miles, 2036.1 nautical miles, (3770.8 kilometers for everyone in sensible parts of the world.)

Any tips you found on BootsnAll or from other members on the forums that helped you on a trip?
Ok, one serious answer for you: I arrived in Budapest in the summer of 2006 with absolutely no plan. So I posted up a thread saying, “I’m here, what should I do for a week?” and the response was overwhelming. I ended up in a great hostel, and visiting some outstanding sights I would have otherwise missed – all thanks to the rich, diverse, and engaged BnA community. Thank you!

Have you been to a BootsnAll party before? If so, what survival tips can you offer to any newbies?
This will be my fourth party. My tip: Stay away from BillE and whatever potion he’s hawking.

Thanks for sharing, Capt Steve. Be sure to say hi to him if you’ll be joining us at the party!