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Cheap Travel Scout: Your Source for Travel Deals

As travel lovers ourselves, we know how exciting it is to find a great travel deal on anything from airfare to car rentals to cruises to hotels – and as a travel company, we find out about lots of great travel deals that we’ll never be able to use personally. But rather than weep into our coffee about fantastic travel deals going unused, we’ve decided to set up a new blog that passes these deals on to you.

Cheap Travel Scout is the newest BootsnAll website, and its sole purpose in life is finding travel discounts and sharing them with travelers like you. We’ve got five people on the lookout, scouring travel websites all over the internet to find stuff like last-minute airfare deals, hotel specials, vacation package deals, and any other travel-related discounts we can find.

Because each of the Cheap Travel Scout writers has a different part of the world as a focus, we hope to stay on top of travel deals no matter what the destination is. We also welcome cheap travel tips, so if you happen to find any great deals worth passing on we’d love to hear about them, too!

Be sure to bookmark Cheap Travel Scout to find out the latest and greatest travel discounts, and you can even subscribe to the RSS feed to hear about them just as soon as they come out.