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City Guide Maps With Attractions and Accommodation

rome-mapY’know how I mentioned that we’re all into bringing you new and improved stuff now that it’s a new year? Well, the gifts just keep right on coming. Check out the newest addition to the BootsnAll family: maps on city guides.

With a select group of cities, you will now be able to see precisely where the major attractions are in relation to the various hostels, hotels, guest houses and other accommodation options you have. This means that you no longer have to wonder exactly how fast you have to walk to get “from the hostel to the Eiffel Tower in ten minutes,” you can see just how far it actually is. No more relying on what the accommodation says about its location – see for yourself.

So far, it’s only a few cities that have these very cool maps on them, but we hope to keep adding to the list so that eventually we’ve got maps for cities all over the world. For the time being, you can check out the maps for cities like Barcelona, Hong Kong, Montreal, Prague, Munich, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris, London, New York – and many more.

Each map has the city’s major attractions marked by stars, and the different kinds of accommodation marked by different colors. It works just like any other Google map, so you can click and drag to re-orient the map on the page, and use the plus and minus on the left to zoom in and out. Then, click on any of the icons on the map to get a description and either a link to book your hostel or hotel, or more information about the attraction. Have fun playing with the maps that exist now, and check back in the future to see which new cities have been added.

If you’ve got suggestions or comments for our city guide maps, drop us a note and let us know!