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Contribute to BootsnAll in 2011

Here at BootsnAll, a big part of what we do is providing travelers with great travel tips, ideas, advice and inspiration. In the past year, we’ve covered  everything from hitch-hiking in Southern Africa to underrated US cities you should visit to ways to find luxury travel deals. This year we want to publish more great stories – stories that make you want to hop on a plane, stories that help you save money, stories that introduce you to new travel resources, stories that open you up to a different culture or a different way of traveling, and stories that help you have a better, deeper, and more authentic travel experience.

But we can’t do it alone. While we’re thrilled to have worked with (and hope to continue to work with) a great team of contributors in 2010, we’re always looking for submissions from travel writers with whom we’ve not previously worked. Whether you’ve written for BootsnAll in the past or not, if you have a great idea for a travel story, we’d love to hear from you.

Check out our best of BootsnAll travel stories from 2010 and take a peek at the best how-to travel articles to get a feel for what we publish. Then browse our writers’ page, which goes into further detail on what we’re looking for, includes an editorial calendar so you’ll know what topics we’re looking for stories about each week, and explains how to submit stories once you have an idea to pitch.

We’re looking forward to reading your travel tales and tips in 2011!

Photo by retro traveler