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CouchSurfing Site Over

I received an email today from After nearly three years, a hard drive crash has caused them to lose much of their data. Although people are trying to bring the site back to life, it doesn’t look like it will happen for awhile. Part of the message from Casey:

Two days ago CouchSurfing experienced what could be described as the perfect storm. The database administrators we hired made two critical mistakes. First, we had a major, avoidable hard drive crash. Secondly, the incremental back-ups weren’t executed in the correct manner, and twelve of our most important data files didn’t survive.

I have been working non-stop trying to repair the data, but as difficult as it is for me to say, it has become clear that certain essential pieces are not recoverable. This crash happened at a particularly vulnerable time, in a transition between two back-up methods. If the crash had happened a week ago, or next week, we would have had a different outcome.

It is with a heavy heart that I face the truth of this situation. CouchSurfing as we knew it doesn’t exist anymore. We’ve had an amazing two and a half years.

You can read the full message here:

I’ve exchanged a few emails with Casey over the course of the past few years and I’m sorry to see this happen to the site – I hoped to use its services in a few months in Eastern Europe. To read an interview with Casey, go here.