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Deschutes Rafting Trip People Profile

With the BootsnAll rafting trip quickly approaching, we thought we would profile all the weird and wacky people coming on this adventure. If you are coming on this trip – send us your picture and tell us your role on the trip!

More people are still welcome to come – just let us know.

donovangraf.jpg zackman1.jpg
Rafting Navigator and Yucca King Rafting Guide And King of Water Fights
chrissy.jpg mika-lepisto-bio.jpg
Token Australian (Chris H) Jack of all trades but master of none (Mikah)
wonderwoman.jpg sean.jpg
I’ll bring the lasso!(Lynda Carter) I’ll be the entertainment, after the yucca (Sean Keener0.
jaymiddleton1.jpg andy.jpg
We come to dance, baby dance! Body surf the waves (Andy)
snake-lady.jpg drew-and-elvis.jpg
Snake Lady Elvis and Andrew Limbo