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E-mail Newsletters, why care?

E-mail and e-mail newsletters were so cool when we started way back in 1999. Remember that initial excitment of receiving email from family, friends, and maybe even some businesses? Fast forward 7 years later (yeah, BootsnAll has been around for 7+ years) and your inbox is not nearly as exciting as it once was.

Between spam, newsletters, personal stuff, that joke-a-day newsletter you signed up for 3 years ago that you can’t unsubscribe from, keeping up with email can be a real bear these days. So what makes you read this one?

We’re looking for your feedback on the BootsnAll newsletter. Please let us know what you like, or hate, or simply don’t care about. Do you prefer reading what’s in your email, or do you like the webpage version as well? If you like one section, but not another, let us know about both. Be brutal, be honest, and leave your comments below.