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Ecuador Amazon Lodge: Sacha Lodge

It’s kind of crazy what you can get for a $1000 these days. While I know $1000 is a lot of money to most people, when you look at, say, the cost people spend on cruises, trips to Mexico and Hawaii, $1000 really isn’t that much for traveling. Plus when you get to somewhere like Cancun, and have to buy $25 hamburgers, and $10 beers, then you question if it’s cheap in the first place.

Yesterday, I worked with two clients who each had $1000, and wanted to visit the Amazon and stay in a remote jungle lodge. The Amazon can not only be visited from Brazil, but also from Ecuador and Peru, which makes it easier and more affordable to get to. The trip is a five-day adventure trip to the Sacha Lodge, located in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle.

The description is this: “Surrounded by dozens of trails and canoe routes, the lodge offers unparalleled opportunities for birding, botany, hiking, canoeing, and photography. Decide which paths to explore and which adventures to experience according to your own ability and interests, and take in the sights and sounds of the world’s most famous jungle at this isolated lodge.”

The best part of the trip is that you fly a prop plane from Quito, Ecuador out in the Amazon jungle. The lodge actually picks you up in a dug out canoe and takes you to the hidden lodge on the river. When you leave five days later, they take you back on the canoe with all your gear, to a landing strip, where another prop plane picks you up. The $1000 includes all your food and enjoyment as you spend time exploring the jungles, the rivers, hiking and then coming back to a jungle eco lodge at night.

I would do this trip in a heartbeat. This would be a great surprise for the wife. Right now on BootsnAll, from Chicago, you can get flights, round trip to Ecuador for $600. That’s amazing.Y

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