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Facebook Connect & BootsnAll

BootsnAll has always prided itself on being a little bit different. We’re still the only travel website out there that manually reads each and every membership application that we get. It makes the membership that little bit more valuable and keeps the majority of spammers away. In order to post comments on BootsnAll travel articles and leave reviews about hostels, we ask that people become BootsnAll members. We believe this makes the reviews and comments that much more useful and genuine as there is no anonymous keyboard spew – people are accountable for what they write.

These days it seems everybody has a Facebook profile. The social networking hub has come a long way from being able to poke your friends or throw a sheep at them. You also have to register using your real name. This makes Facebook perfectly aligned with BootsnAll and why we’re excited to announce that Facebook users can now comment on BootsnAll travel articles and leave reviews of hostels they have stayed in.

RatingsAnywhere you see the thumbs up/down icons on, you’ll be able to click on them and, if you’re logged in to Facebook, your vote will be registered and you’ll be able to leave a comment or review. If you’re not logged in, you’ll be given the choice to log in as a BootsnAll member or to your Facebook profile.

Facebook Connect

Now that you know how easy it is, why not give it a go? Here are some of our popular BootsnAll articles: