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Check out the featured travel stories from BootsnAll authors in September, below:

September Featured Travel Stories

Even Macho Men Cry at Bullfights
Despite a horrible memory of watching a bullfight as a child, Deborah McCague decides to give this cultural event another chance.

The Baby Cemetery
In Sumgait, Azerbaijan there is a cemetery with a special section where only children are buried. Michael Kennard makes his way there, though he’s not even sure why.

Of Gentle Giants and Lights
Christine Wuthrich finds that swimming with whale sharks and being surrounded by fireflies make for some pretty amazing travel memories.

All That and Bi-Lingual Too!: A Guide to Montreal
Tom Barry guides travelers to the city set up for two seasons – winter and the rest of the year, and they do a remarkable job taking full advantage of both.

Lounging in Lugano
Moumita D. finds Lugano to be a beautiful, laid-back and cheerful city full of warm locals who combine the vibrant charm of the Italians with the order and punctuality of the Swiss.

South Pacific
Introduction to the South Pacific: 30 Days in the South Pacific
The South Pacific has laid claim to many hearts and souls, and Sean O’Reilly explains why.

Highest Road – Ladakh, India
S. Spots journeys over the highest motorable pass in the world.

Chose Your Own Adventure
Nicole Trilivas sees both sides of Delhi, and warns travelers to choose their adventures wisely – they just might find what they seek.

The Lalibela Pilgrim and other Tales from Ethiopia
Devin Foxall offers snippets of experiences and the people he met in Ethiopia.

Travels in Buses
The day Kristin Mock decided to take the bus by herself for the first time in Cartagena, she got much more than she bargained for – including an important life lesson.