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Get Your Wend On!

Wend MagIt’s that time of year when the giving of gifts brings all kinds of stress as you struggle to find something so-and-so will like. Well, if so-and-so is into travel, you could do a lot worse than a subscription to Wend Magazine. The crew at Wend are based in Portland and we’re big fans of what they’re doing.

It’s a gift you can feel good about if you give any kind of a toss about the environment. Not only does Wend print on FSC certified sustainably sourced paper, their ink is soy based & non-toxic. They’re also prepared to donate a whopping 25% of your subscription to their environmental non-profit partners.

Oh, and the magazine isn’t a bad read either.

To sweeten the pot even more, right now Wend is running a Holiday Gift Subscription Offer. Buy one subscription get the second half off. So hook up so-and-so and do yourself a favour at the same time.

Wend also recently launched a travel bookings & reservations sub-site. Check it out at