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GlobeTrekkerChannel: Travel TV Shows To Go


If you’re looking for a way to watch excellent travel TV programs about just the places you want to see and on your own schedule, you’ll be excited about the GlobeTrekkerChannel. It’s an online TV station where you can choose exactly which content you want to watch, 24 hours a day, from programs you know and love like Globe Trekker, Planet Food, Treks in a Wild World and Pilot Globe Guides. With more than 350 hours of shows from countries and cities all over the world, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy and dreaming of your own next adventure.

What’s more, there’s also a way to take this fantastic programming with you wherever you roam – you can purchase downloads of any of the shows to watch later on your computer. Each month, you’ll get a half-hour trailer absolutely free so you can see snippets of what’s available on the GlobeTrekkerChannel – and then you can select which programs you want to watch. What better way to kill time on your flight than by watching a travel TV show about your destination? And we’re not talking about blurry, low-quality video, either – we’re talking about beautiful images and high-quality video. Once you download your program, you’ve got seven days to watch it.

To find out more and watch a free demo video, visit the GlobeTrekkerChannel site – and register today to find out when new videos have been added to the on-demand library!