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Growing Up (But Staying True to Who We Are)

In the early days of BootsnAll, Sean and Chris wrote up a “Code of Conduct” and although some of it might not hold up in the company today, most of it still applies.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that we recognize that there are many types of travelers, and “all types of independent travel will be encouraged.” BootsnAll probably still isn’t the right resource for people who just want to phone up a travel agent and let someone else do all the travel-planning work, but there are many different kinds of independent travel – whether you’re the kind of person who only travels solo and never makes plans until you get there, or you do all your own research online and sometimes take guided tours, or you fall somewhere in between. As long as you take matters into your own hands on some level, BootsnAll is here for you.

A couple projects we’ve launched recently reflect, I think, how BootsnAll is growing up but not giving up its original beliefs.

  • BootsnAll Travel Writers Platform – We announced this program a week ago, and we’re gratified to have gotten great feedback and response to it so far. We’re excited about being in a place where we can give talented and passionate travel writers an opportunity to fuel their travel obsessions. While we would have loved this idea 10 years ago, we weren’t in a position to launch it. So it’s exciting to still be inspired by great travel writing and be able to do something with it.
  • How I Travel – We’ve always been able to while away the hours talking about travel philosophy, so launching the new “How I Travel” series in January of this year was something that was right up our alley. Again, we’ve been happy that so many people are enjoying reading about how other people travel, but we’d almost be just as content reading these profiles ourselves. We think you’re never too old to learn something about travel, and you’re never so much of a travel expert that you can’t still make mistakes. And these profiles are proving both of those things to be true.

In other words, while we’re always here to help you book the air tickets you need to get where you’re going, get your Eurail passes, find a hostel with a good social scene, and sort out the best travel insurance for your trip – if you happen to find us in the local cafe or pub we’re also just as eager to simply talk about travel until the wee hours.