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Halloween Travel Round-Up: What’s Spooking the Internet This Year

Is there such a thing as a Halloween Scrooge? Because if there is, then I’m it. I don’t have kids, and I live in a neighborhood that gets no trick-or-treaters whatsoever (over the nine years I’ve lived here the doorbell has rung on Halloween fewer than five times total, and I think three of those were in one year). I can’t tell you how many times in my first years of living here that I stocked up on candy and then, when November 1 rolled around, was still staring at a giant bowl of candy. (Which sounds like a good thing, until you’re eating all of that aforementioned candy in one go.)

So, yeah. I guess I’m kind of bitter about Halloween. And I’m not into costumes, either. Although, come to think of it, maybe I should dress up as Scrooge one of these years, since it kind of fits my demeanor around the end of October…

If you’re as jaded about Halloween as I am, or even if you’re not but you’d prefer to escape into the world than don a crazy costume or hand out candy to youngsters, then you’ll appreciate this round-up of just a few of the travel-themed Halloween articles that crossed through my path this year.

Where to Go to Get Spooked

Many of the travel/Halloween articles center on the idea of scoping out the scariest places on earth. Although I think the next logical step would be to visit said places, I think I’ll skip that part.

  • 31 Places to Go for Halloween – This article is ideal for those who like the notion of prolonging the scare-fest through the entire month, one day at a time. There are creepy destinations spanning the globe, so there’s sure to be one near you.
  • 5 of the World’s Most Haunted Places – Frankly, among all the haunted houses and graveyards, it’s Japan’s Suicide Forest in this article that creeps me the hell out. A forest where people go by the dozens each year to end their lives? And where authorities can’t really keep up with all the bodies, so hikers sometimes come upon dead people hanging from trees? Uhh, I think I’ll skip that hiking trip to Japan, thanks.
  • 10 of the Most Chilling Haunted Castles in the World – You’d expect “Dracula’s Castle” to be on this list (it is), but what about a palatial home in Rhode Island? Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming, either. A bonus is that this article comes with videos for every single castle on the list, so you can see other people getting completely wigged out by whatever haunts those places.
  • 5 Notoriously Haunted Hotels in the US – So many of the haunted places featured in these articles are private, or only open for tours, or only during certain hours. These spooky spots are places you can book an overnight stay in. You think you don’t believe in ghosts? Spend the night in one of these haunted hotels and test that theory.
  • Top 3 Halloween Destinations in Europe – There are lots of European cities with old cemeteries, but something sets these each of three apart on the eerie scale – whether it’s a chapel decorated with human bones, or a maze of catacombs lined with bones that people have literally gotten lost in, or a church in a sunny town square that could easily double as the hideout for a mad scientist.
  • 13 Haunted Travel Destinations – Because what’s a list of haunted destinations without an unlucky number attached to it, right? (And, as an aside, I hadn’t heard the White House was haunted before this. That might explain some things.)
  • The 6 Creepiest Places on Earth – The fact that this article also includes a mention of the Suicide Forest in Japan (complete with a link to photos of dead people in said forest) isn’t bad enough, apparently. It also features a bridge in Scotland where 600 dogs have jumped to their deaths. Yes, really. That’s it, I’m officially not going to sleep tonight now. Thanks,

Some Halloween Levity

After all that creep-fest stuff above, I’m ready for a little Halloween humor. You? Excellent.

  • 20 Costumes that will Earn You a Halloween Beating – I giggled my way through this article in an otherwise quiet office, and I defy you to not burst out laughing at least once when you see some of these costumes (and, in particular, when you read the comments about each one).
  • Best Wines to Pair with Halloween Candy – Hey, grown-ups, got some candy leftover from Halloween? Or just feel like raiding your kid’s stash after he goes to bed? Then you need this article to tell you which wines go best with candy corn and mini-Snickers.
  • Top 7 iPhone Apps for Halloween – Geeks need to celebrate Halloween, too, right? Here are some apps you can download to your iPhone just in time for the holiday. And if that’s not enough, here are 8 more Halloween iPhone apps (and there are probably 783 more out there, too, I’m just not looking for them).
  • Top 6 Best Horror Movies of All-Time – Nevermind that the title of this article is overly enthusiastic with its “top” and “best” in the same sentence; if you’re staying in this Halloween and want the scares to come to you, these six flicks are a good bet.
  • 76-Second Travel Show: Halloween in Transylvania – Lonely Planet’s Robert Reid might be saying that Transylvania isn’t the scary place the Dracula peddlers would have you believe, but the footage in this video from the salt mine caves tells a different story. Also, if you’re easily frightened, Robert’s got three things you should have handy to make you feel all safe and sound this Halloween.

Whatever you’re up to this Halloween, we hope you have fun. And if we missed your favorite Halloween article, please post a link to it in the comments so we can all get freaked out together.