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Holiday Travel Tips from BootsnAll

I know I sound like everyone else this time of year, but I seriously can’t believe it’s December. I have clear memories of the 2008 BootsnAll party – so clear that it feels like it was yesterday – even though it’s the 2009 party that was just this past weekend. Time is flying, and I’m not sure I’m okay with that.

Part of what made this year go so quickly was all the travel I squeezed in – and I’m definitely okay with that part. I took a vacation trip for the first time in a long while, but when even my work-related trips are to places like Chicago and Italy I count myself quite lucky. (It’s nothing like the hard-core sales travelers for whom things like our Business Travel Guide are written, that’s for sure.)

At any rate, we do have a little bit of time left between us and 2010, and there are a couple travel opportunities crammed into that time, too. Unfortunately, they tend to be difficult times of the year to travel. I’m talking, of course, about the holiday season. The notoriously worst days to fly in the United States are right around Thanksgiving, but flying at Christmas is often a travel nightmare, too. Whether you’ve already booked your holiday travel or not, BootsnAll has some articles that might help you avoid the worst of holiday trip stress.

On the Cheap Ticket Links site, we’ve got a series of holiday travel articles designed to help you find cheap flights, get through crazy-busy airports with your sanity intact, and which are the best and worst days to fly for each holiday. If you haven’t already bought your airline ticket for any trips you’re taking this month, you might not have much luck in scoring a super deal – the lowest prices went (for the most part) to people who were booking flights a month or two ago. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some last-minute deals to be had, especially since airlines are still hoping to fill empty seats during a time when not as many people are flying.

In other words, it never hurts to look at ticket prices, even if we’re only a few weeks from the holidays now.

The two holidays coming up for which we’ve posted tips are Christmas and New Year’s – and because we don’t want you to miss any of the information we’ve also created sort of “table of contents” posts for each holiday with all the relevant articles linked up. Click through to these articles to get all the holiday travel information you’ll need for each December holiday:

Now, in my case, travel at the holidays is never a creative affair. Christmas and New Year’s are always spent with family – either my mother (a 2-hour drive away) or my in-laws (on the other side of the country) – so I’m not the person who just looks for the cheapest flight regardless of destination. And I know I’m not alone – many people are limited by location first around the holidays, in that they always spend the holidays in the same place. But if you’re one of the people who isn’t obligated to go home for the holidays, then there’s every reason to look at every cheap destination out there.

One of those places that seems to always be on sale is Vegas, and although Sin City doesn’t exactly scream “Christmas” to me, it does seem like the perfect city in which to ring in the new year. If you agree, then don’t forget to take a peek at our Las Vegas travel guide before you go.

No matter where you spend your holidays, we hope you have a wonderful season – and we look forward to helping you realize your travel dreams in 2010!