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How Does Twitter Fit Into Your Backpack?

Are you on Twitter? Love it? Hate it? Do you use it in any part of your trip planning, or even while you’re on a trip? Does it make no sense to you at all?

Travel Insights 100 is a panel of travel experts that was asked “All About Twitter”. If you’re interested in social media or how twitter can be used effectively in travel, the results of this research project will interest you.

To me, the most interesting answers were given to the questions of how buinesses & people use Twitter effectively, and how they do not. There’s also some thoughts on how a consumer can use Twitter to help plan their own trips (with almost 10% saying you shouldn’t!). And if you’re new to Twitter with regards to travel and want to get an idea what it’s all about and start following some excellent travel folks, there’s some great suggestions here.

The Cliff Notes version of the results can be found here. If you’re interested in the raw results and the comments made by the respondents, go here.

More about Travel Insights 100
BootsnAll was lucky enough to partner with UpTake and Tips from the T-List to develop a panel of 100 travel industry mavens. The idea was to create a forum where these thought leaders could share their points of view on various topics and their effects on travel. It was launched in September 2009 and this is the result of the first study.