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Jobs/Obama, Entrepreneurs, How I Travel

For my friend Pam, I hope the lighting is a bit better this week (thanks for the feedback as well)! 🙂 – Injoy and constructive feedback is always appreciated.

In This Week’s Video:

  • How to make more jobs, Mr. Obama? Support entrepreneurs.
  • – Entrepreneurs resource
  • https://ten9eight – Entrepreneurs documentary about students (Win the DVD – see below)
  • How I Travel Series at BootsnAll This kicks arse – read it and be inspired! Holly Beck, Rolf Potts

Want to see/own the documentary about Ten9Eight? Link to this post in your blog or from your website and tell me in that post “Why you are excited to see this film”. I’ll buy the DVD for my three favorite entries.

How to Enter:
1) Link to this post –
2) In you blog post, share with me/your audience, why you are excited to see the movie, Ten9Eight
3) Leave a blog comment on this post with a link to your entry.