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How to Pack Light – Really, Really Light

Every experienced traveler knows the value of packing light, but how light are we really talking about? Does packing light mean you’re bringing less stuff so it can all fit in one bag, no matter what it weighs? Or are we talking about putting stuff on a scale and making your bag not only smaller but less heavy? In Tim Ferriss’ case, he’s serious when he says “light weight” – and it seems that things being phyiscally smaller is just a bonus.

Tim, the author of “The 4-Hour Workweek,” has posted his packing list for a week-long trip to Maui he recently took, and even with his laptop and the laptop’s extra battery, his bag weighed in at around 10 pounds. That’s right, just 10 pounds. How did he do it? This video will give you some idea, and the rest of the post explains the entire contents of the bag in more detail:

I get better about packing less with every trip I take, but I’ve still got a long way to go to get to a 10 pound bag. I would assume it’s easier to pack that light for a tropical destination, where the clothing is inherently less bulky/heavy and anything you wash in the sink stands a good chance of drying quickly. What I’d really love to see is Tim’s bag for a one-week trip to a cold climate… Perhaps that’ll be another post.