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I Can Has Spring Break?

lol-catsAhh spring break…

I must confess that I never actually went to Spring Break. Yes, I had a week off school like the rest of you, but that week was spent diligently working full-time so I could continue paying for my tuition at university. So while my cohorts were partying it up (or whatever the kids are calling it these days) in South Padre, I was stuck at work — in the library, no less. Sad trombone.

Maybe that’s why every spring, I feel like we should get a work spring break, a one week National holiday sounds fine. We can dream, right? So, if you’re getting ready to plan your spring break travels, check out Jessica’s round-up of Spring Break travel planning tips and Student Spring Break for deals.

How about you, did you go to spring break?
(original photo by temponotempo )