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I’ll be at BlogWorld Expo in Vegas next month, will you?

150pxIf you’ve been paying attention to this blog, you may remember my recent posts about how I’m not the biggest Las Vegas fan in the world – and then how I found out I was speaking at a conference in (of course) Las Vegas. What I failed to mention then was details about the conference. Oops!

The conference I’ll be attending is BlogWorld & New Media Expo, and I’ll be there from October 16-17. The panel I’m moderating is called “Travel Blogging in 2009 & Beyond,” and it’s on Saturday the 17th at 3:30pm. This year’s BlogWorld conference is the first with a travel track of sessions, all of which are on Saturday – and they’re even in the same room, back to back, so if you’re all about travel you can just stake out a spot in Room 230 and spend all day with us! (At the very least, come and say hello, won’t you?)

I’m looking forward to talking about travel blogging with the knowledgeable and talented people on my panel – Robert Reid from Lonely Planet, Jim Benning from World Hum, Pam Mandel from Nerd’s Eye View, and Stefanie Michaels from Adventure Girl. We’ll be talking about things like what makes for a good travel blog, the role of travel blogging in the travel publishing world, and how to get paid to write about travel. You can check out other travel track sessions and speakers on the BlogWorld 2009 conference schedule.

If you’re planning to attend the BlogWorld conference, I hope you’ll come by and see us at 3:30 on the 17th! I’m hoping someone attending the session will be taking good notes, or updating Twitter for those of you who can’t make it… I’m thinking #bwe09travel is a decent hashtag, no?