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Infecting Your Kids With the Travel Bug

paulineI’m not a parent, so I don’t know how this works first-hand, but it seems that if you loved to travel your kids could either be as excited about getting on a plane as you are, or they could be really peeved at you every time you showed them their tickets. I don’t know what the equation is, how the math works to help determine you end up with the former rather than the latter – but a visitor to the BootsnAll office yesterday seems to have at least something about it figured out.

Pauline (seen here with her daughter Claira) is planning to take a RTW trip in 2008 with her three kids. She came by the office to talk to Donovan about some of the logistics, and to get suggestions on some things she wasn’t sure about. Not only is she totally excited about the trip, her daughter Claira was beaming the whole time she was here. Of course, we’re biased – we all think travel is the best kind of education, and we think Pauline’s kids will thank her for the rest of their lives for the opportunity she’s giving them. It’d be really interesting to check back in with her and her kids in ten years to see what they say.

In the meantime, however, we wish Pauline all the best in her planning process, and we look forward to keeping up with their trip when she and her gang leave next year.