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Introducing a New Paid Writing Program at BootsnAll

travwritingSome of you may recall that earlier this year BootsnAll introduced a couple of paid writing programs to augment our long-time program of publishing traveler articles and stories. We’ve been really pleased with the articles we’ve published through these new paid programs – so pleased, in fact, that we’re expanding the program with a new category.

Here’s a run-down of the paid writing programs currently available at BootsnAll, including the newest category. And keep in mind that although you’ll find our guidelines for each of the different article categories listed below, we are always interested in hearing your ideas for any article you think might work. Do you think you’ve got a fantabulous idea that doesn’t quite fit into one of these categories? Send us a note to run it by us anyway. We’re creative types, and we love talking about travel articles. Really.

BootsnAll Feature Articles

  • Should potentially appeal to a wide audience (i.e., not about one specific location unless the topic is general enough to be more widely appealing)
  • Should have plenty of photos to be visually appealing
  • 800+ words is preferable, though word count sometimes depends on the photos
  • Examples of features that traditionally do well: list articles, photo features, potentially controversial conversation-starters
  • Pay: $50 per published article
  • More information on the BootsnAll Feature Articles program

BootsnAll Expert Travel Articles

  • Should provide detailed information about a subject some travelers are already researching
  • At least 1,200 words is preferable (and if you know the subject well this could be an easy target!)
  • Don’t need to include lots of photos, but some relevant photos are good (especially to break up text)
  • Pay: $30 per published article
  • More information on the BootsnAll Expert Travel Articles program

NEW: BootsnAll Travel Essays

  • Should potentially appeal to a wide audience, and ideally should be good conversation starters (including controversial topics)
  • Don’t need to include lots of photos, but if you have some relevant photos that’s great
  • At least 500 words is preferable
  • Pay: $20-40 per published article, depending on potential and complexity
  • More information on the BootsnAll Travel Essays program (scroll down the page a bit)

BootsnAll Traveler Articles

In addition to these three paid writing programs at BootsnAll, we still have our long-standing program of publishing travel articles. We don’t pay for these articles, it’s true, but it can still be a good first step for newcomers to the travel writing world to have their work published and get valuable feedback on it. We weed out spammy articles and pieces that are more about starting an argument than anything else, but other than that we pretty much leave the travel articles alone.

>> Read more about the BootsnAll Traveler Articles program.

How You Can Get Involved

Each of the links above for the different writing programs at BootsnAll contains more detailed information about what we’re looking for and what we ask you to send in, so be sure to click through and read those pages to make sure you know everything you need to know. Don’t worry, though, we don’t ask for much – we don’t require a formal query letter, for instance. And, as I said above, the category descriptions outlined here aren’t meant to corral you into a certain way of writing. If you’ve got a great idea for an article, pitch it to us. Chances are good we’ll find a place for it.

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