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Introducing BootsnAll’s Newest Staff Member: Katie Hammel

katiehammelIt’s been a big couple of weeks for us at BootsnAll – we had the unexpected pleasure of being featured in Google’s Super Bowl ad (hooray for a free few seconds of ad space during the Super Bowl!), and we also welcomed a new staff member, who we officially annouced today in our latest BootsnAll newsletter.

Katie Hammel, who has contributed feature articles to BootsnAll in the past, has become our newest travel writer and editor. She’s already taken over our Chicago travel guide (she is based in Chicago, after all), will soon be writing on our Spain travel guide as well, and is editing the BootsnAll traveler articles. She spent a little over a week in Portland at the BootsnAll office learning all her new responsibilities, and proved remarkably good at getting the hang of things really quickly!

Like the rest of the BootsnAll staff, Katie’s passionate about travel – and we’re happy to have her on board. You can follow Katie on Twitter @KatieHammel and @WhyGoChicago. Please help us welcome Katie to BootsnAll!