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Introducing The Case Foundation

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If you’ve been reading travel articles on BootsnAll in the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen these ads, promoting the Case Foundation’s spotlight on Africa. We’re really excited to be working with Case on this campaign, and want to encourage you to check out their site. If you’re not familiar with the Case Foundation, they’re an awesome organization that promotes some amazing work around the world.

Officially, their mission is “to achieve sustainable solutions to complex social problems by investing collaboration, leadership, and entrepeneurship.” Basically, they’re out there working with local organizations to make life better for the people that live in all the wonderful destinations where we love to travel. Pretty cool, huh?

Case’s current spotlight on Africa focuses on some of the reasons they’ve found to be hopeful for Africa’s future: The people and cultures they’ve encountered; the innovation and entrepeneurship that they’ve helped foster; and the leadership and opportunity that they’ve seen.

Please take a moment to check out Case’s website, and find out more about the work they’re doing in Africa and around the world.