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Letter to a Young Travel Writer

writingI saw this link on the BootsnAll boards today, and it amused me. So I’m sharing it with you. Yes, it would certainly appear that the job of “travel writer” would be a dream job – the life of leisure, and all that. While being a travel writer beats the hell out of some jobs I can think of (some of which I’ve held personally), like most things in life, looks can be deceiving.

This “letter” is from a travel writer to Drew Barrymore, who has recently said, “Screw Hollywood, I’m going to be a travel writer.” Of course, if anyone can just “be” a travel writer at the drop of a hat, it’s someone who’s already independently wealthy and can have a camera crew (and sponsors) following her every move. But I digress. The “letter” is full of great advice for this would-be travel writer:

As a travel writer, you’ve got an exciting new life ahead of you. You’ll be riding in taxis (which burn less fuel than limos, any day), sitting in coach (it’s really fun back there, you’ll see), carrying your own bags (think of your biceps). And at the two-star hotels in immigrant neighborhoods where you’ll be staying to get a true feel for the place, not only won’t they know who you are, they won’t even remember your making a reservation. This is gonna be wild!

The whole thing is clearly done with tongue planted firmly in cheek, and it’s quite funny. To wit:

The only thing, though, is that the story is gonna be about the people you meet. Not about you. This may be a little difficult to grasp at first. You’re a child of Hollywood, after all. But don’t worry. Think of it this way: Instead of showing other people your breasts, you get them to show you theirs.

Go read and enjoy.