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Lost Productivity, March Madness and the BootsnAll Office

This morning at the office, 10 minutes before tip-off, we decided to do an office pool for the NCAA Tournament. Well, not office pool, really, since we didn’t throw anything into the pot and none of us have been following the teams.

All that aside, we’re not one to shy away from trying our luck at random guessing…or rooting for hometown favorites…or picking mascots we like the best…

Between six of us, we picked UCLA (x2), Duke, Illinois, Memphis and Pittsburgh. I’m pleased that I called the first three games (including the upset!), but that tends to be how my luck is – solid to start, fading rapidly afterwards….

An interesting note on March Madness – thanks to CBS’ airing of the games online and a sudden increase in college basketball for the month of March, employers are expected to lose almost 4 billion dollars worth of productivity. YIKES.

ESPN seems to have a nice real-time scoreboard for those that don’t have the luxury of watching the free online coverage.