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New BootsnAll Logues Launched

We want to introduce to you 5 new sites that aim to be excellent resources on their subject. Check them out and tell us what we’re doing right and what we’re terrible at. If you have a blog of your own, consider linking to these resources if you think they are worth it.

New BootsnAll Friends – World Nomads

We admit, travel insurance isn’t that exciting. But today BootsnAll and World Nomads have started working together to provide independent travelers, like you, some of the cheapest travel insurance available.

And now that you have your insurance sorted, check out some of the best deals around the BootsnAll Travel Network this month…

Round the World Airfare
Test our new innovative round-the-world Trip Planner that allows you to find the cheapest tickets for flying around the world! It’s super fun to see all your different options.

Cheap Domestic Airfare
Do one web search and find ALL the cheapest airfares from more than 10 different providers. Book now for the holiday season just around the corner.

500+ accommodations in Rome
Browse more than 500 hostels, apartments and sweet Italian villas in Rome! When in Rome, stay as the Romans do!

Climb Kilimanjaro, Go On Safari
BootsnAll Travel Network runs adventure safaris and mountaineering in Tanzania

Get a New Snowboard This Season
Sure, your old board may have taken you through frozen hell and back, but it looks like it too. While the dings build character, will that base really last another season? Shop early and buy one before winter starts.

Backpacker Travel Insurance
BootsnAll Travel Network has partnered with World Nomads to help you find the cheapest backpacker insurance. Good for Yanks, Kiwis and Aussies.

Got Junk in Your Trunk? Organize It
A good Backpack can be worth it’s weight in gold. Whether it’s for travel, work, hiking, back to school, or for the upcoming winter sports season, find one now with only a few clicks of that mouse thingy.

TEFL: 15 countries to get your TEFL certificate
Interested in working abroad? Check out the more than 15 countries where you can get certified as an English teacher!

This is Your Brain, Protected
Don’t be a rebel. You know Mom is right when she wants you to keep your noggin in working order. It’s cause she loves you, and ’cause she’s tired of taking care of you. Hear it now: “Wear a helmet, for Pete’s sake!”

Pushkar Camel Fair

There is no better time than November to visit the sacred town of Pushkar, when it plays hosts to its world renowned Camel Fair.